A landing page is a specific page on a website wherein its goal is to answer a sole question for conversation purpose. It is made to only give answers to a specific topic question that is given just as a conversation. This page can commonly be found on a marketing website. 

As a landing page, what makes is good enough for viewers to view and put answers on the said page? There are many things that make up a good landing page. Here, are four of the most important.

Understandable and Brief Headlines

The Headline should be straight to the point and easy to read. It should have an impact on the visitor. It should have a specific point. Since this will be what the Viewers will first see it should be appealing to them for them to read more about the topic. It should catch the readers attention first that any other thing on the page.

Using Trust Indicators

In order to build trust on viewers, there should be testimonials or proofs that what you have put about the topic question is true and are facts. We know that when a person that we trust talks to us, we believe them. It’s because they have proved to us that they can be trusted. And so should be a landing page be. 

We develop trust between people by assuring them that what we tell is truly a fact. And on a landing page, it is important to give facts and proof-like press mention or guarantee seals to assure visitors that the information we are giving them is true.

Put Images and Videos

Putting Images on the headline and motivational videos can have a positive impact on the page. These things help people know more about the topic and give the idea on what to do on the page. Images and videos also stand as an attention catcher to the visitors. If you know how to manage these things well, these can help uplift the landing page’s popularity or views.

Buttons and Call to Action Should Standout and be Above the Fold

After reading, the viewers want to do something on the page. This is where the buttons and call to action step in. The visitors are interested in the topic that is why they want to do more. These things lead them to what they need to do. 

The color of the buttons should help them stand out. Call to action and buttons should be easily seen which is why it should be put above the fold. These make the experience of the visitors easier not letting them scroll down for more unnecessary things that should be done.

Different websites have different web designs of landing pages but mostly these four things are surely there. All these make up a good landing page. These things make the page interesting to the viewers. Hopefully, these will give you an idea on how to create your own landing page.