In the present times, a website is an essential tool for doing businesses. Web sites are used to sell online, spread information and for marketing. Web designers are given the responsibility to create a website with a good web design that will attract many visitors. Web design is a vital aspect of web creation and can make or break a company’s success.

A bad website is less efficient and usually gets few visitors, and people always has trouble navigating through the pages. Other characteristics that can make a website ineffective include complicated navigational structures, poor colors, lack of mobile compatibility, old content and lacks any social integration. Below are the five worst websites in 2016.

Lings Cars

This is a website that is focused on promoting and marketing the car leasing business. This is among the worst websites as it is distracting, confusing and looks like spam. has many blinks, strobe, flash, and pop that are overwhelming to the visitor. The website also has animated cartoons, flashing lights, and widgets that some weird surprises that are all shouting at the people.

Mednat is an Italian medical site which also uses the FrontPage. The website has a bad web design, with very long site pages which are unattractive. It also has a top menu that takes the visitor to either more pages on the site or other sites in a disorganized way. This website lacks uniformity as some of the links in this website are bolded while others are not, includes both centered and flush-left text and the tables have borders.

Mojo Yogurt

This is a flash-based website that cannot run on a mobile device. is used to find a yogurt shop but makes it hard for the users as it lacks a social integration phenomenon. It is characterized by unreadable menu tabs due to lack contrast, uneven centered text, different size and colors of text and long pages. Additionally, the website has horrible music and sound effects that are unpleasing.

Best Electronics

This website specializes in selling and replacing parts and accessories for game systems and computers. Best electronic has a long page with a lot of disorganized information. The website is too disorderly and confusing to the users. The text of the page is centered which it makes hard for users to read. Other characteristics include different colors for the texts and links, underlined regular text and different size of the text.

Tag Team Signs

Tag Team Signs is a company that deals with providing neon signs, banners, caps, vehicle graphics and metal signs for residents and businesses in the urban areas. It has a flash-based website which makes it hard to use on mobile devices. Flash is an outdated technology and has many limitations.

This is one of the worst websites of 2016 due to many unfriendly characteristics and features including lots of text that one cannot be able to copy/ paste, background music that plays automatically, and very slow loading with animated percentages that makes users abandon the site.