Planning to develop a website for your upcoming business? One of the most crucial decisions you can make is hiring a reliable web designer. You cannot gamble on this one because your website will play a significant role in how your business is presented out there. The content, the layout, the logo and the colors make a difference in how a potential customer will make a decision.

You get a Mock-Up

A good designer will involve you in every step of your website development. They will first have a sitting with you to understand your requirements and guide you where necessary. Before they can host the website, they will give you a mock-up. You scrutinize it and see where there needs amendments and what should be improved. From this, you have an idea of how your website will look like.

A Good Designer Works with a Developer

Looking for a web designer and a developer separately is a lot of work and the overall cost can be expensive. To reduce the hassle of coming up with a presentable website, you should hire a professional web designer that partners with a web developer.

A Good Designer gives you a Contract

You are getting into an agreement with the web designer thus you should get a detailed and valid contract. As you go along, you will require new content, page layouts or different colors. It’s advisable that the contract defines the implications of such changes in terms of costs.

They Show you Their Work

This is an important part of you hiring a web designer. Never underestimate the importance of seeing previous works by going through their portfolios. Since you already know how you want your website to look like, you should look for a designer with a portfolio that matches your preferences. Whether you are looking for a traditional or a modern looking website, get a designer who proves they can do this.

Get Referrals

It can be a challenge getting a reliable web designer if you have not worked with one before or you do not know any. This should not be a problem as through referrals, you can get one.

Having a presentable website is of great significance if you are to portray a good image of your business. This is the reason you should hire an experience, honest and reliable web designer.

Web design is important in every business. It’s quite shocking how long it takes to capture a visitor’s attention on your website. Statistics show that it only takes a few seconds to do that thus every business should embrace new ideas to keep improving their web design. There are several ways that you can do this.


Your website navigation should be as simplified as possible. A poor navigation interface will definitely push your visitors away thus as you focus on improving your web design, do not overlook its navigation. For visitors to stay longer first the site should provide the relevant information and second thing is the menu has to be descriptive.

Have a Solid Plan

The development of a web site is not for the sake of it. It must meet the visitors’ requirements. This involves knowing what your customers are looking for which is what they want to see and what they do not want to see on the site. From time to time, you need to review this in order to update the web site to meet the demands.

Work on the Speed

In web design, speed is of great importance. When a link or the website at large delays in loading, this frustrates the visitors. They will either go away at that particular moment or get off the site and never come back. The best solution is to work on the speed of the website. Let loading be as fast as possible.

Add Social Share Buttons and Call-to-Action

Today there are numerous social media platforms. You may not have pages in all the available platforms but as you improve your web design, you can increase your visibility in these platforms. With social media buttons, your visitors will be in a position to share posts from your site and this translates to more traffic.

Add or Change Images

Images speak thousands of words. They make a difference on any website. The beauty of images is that there are tons that you can choose from. The most important thing is to have quality images for uploading. Remember that we live in a visual world. If there are any irrelevant images on the website, they should be removed.

Having a friendly site goes a long way in ensuring that it serves its purpose. Improving your web design from time to time is as important as having relevant content. Overall, the entire website should have a responsive design.

As a business owner, you want to give your clients the best experience. This is not only in customer service, but also how they access information. Having a website is not enough to run a business online but having a user friendly web design is also important.

One way to increase numbers and conversion rates for your website is having a responsive web design. This is extremely important if web traffic is what drives sales in your business.

Gives Same Degree of Functionality

Before technology revolutionized web design, businesses would have to build multiple websites to ensure that users would access them in different devices. For example, a website that was mobile friendly and one that is computer friendly would be built.
Basically there would be different URLs for the same website. With responsive web design, things are different and no matter what device you are using, you will enjoy the same degree of functionality with other users using different devices.

Reasons You Need a Responsive Web Design

  • When you think about Google rankings, you want your site to be a priority for users. You want it to be placed on top of search results. With a responsive design, you boost the chances of the site and it also becomes easy for users to access it regardless of the devices they are using.
  • The business world is competitive and as a business owner, you have to do your best to keep up with the pace. A responsive design is one way to do so. This is because the design helps with customer retention, boosts positive reviews and increases conversion rates. You will give them no reasons to go to a competitor’s site.

It guarantees a consistent web appearance. This is key in running a business. Users do not want to have different versions of your website. They will feel more confident when what they access on a computer is what they will access on a mobile device.
As a business owner who has not considered a responsive web design, it is time to do so. Times are gone when you had to create a website depending on where it will be viewed.

You need to make it easy for users not only to access content but also how easy the can complete their actions. Make the website more useful for the benefit of the users and that of your business.


Building a new website for your business is no easy task especially if you don’t know much about web design. Well, if that is the case, the best option will be for you to hire a web design company. Since the outlook of your website has a strong impact on your customers, it is important that you hire a good web design company.

Of course, you may have the notion that hiring a web design company is expensive, but if you choose to take a shortcut with a view to cutting down cost, you may end up paying more in the future.

Hiring the first web designing firm you can find is certainly not a good idea, because they may not have the skill and the expertise to handle your needs.


In this article, we are going to be looking some things you should consider before hiring a web design firm.

What are your needs?

Before looking for a web design company it is wise that you first consider your needs. Presently, there are a lot of web designing firms that can work with a low budget. Some of them may even offer you a payment plan.

If you want a customized custom job, you have to search for design firms that have a very good record and can meet up with your needs.


You need to set a timeline for your project if you want it to be completed on time. Working with a freelancer is good, but at times you may end up doing certain things yourself. Hiring a web design firm, on the other hand, is somewhat better because they have a team that could handle any kind of workload that is thrown at them.


The location of the design firm you want to hire matters. A difference in time zone can make it very difficult for you to communicate and share your thoughts with them.


Are you going to be charged hourly or will there be a budget that will be set in place? Knowing the cost of a project is very important. But knowing what you are going to get out of the cost is even better. Asking for the cost of the services they render will help you know what you are getting yourself into.

Considering the points that it listed in this article will put you in a better position to hire a good web design firm.

Do you want to become a top-notch web designer but don’t know where to start? Well, you don’t have to panic or stress yourself out. Of course, many people claim that becoming a web designer is very difficult. But the truth is that it is not as difficult as others make it seems. That said, it is important that you have it at the back of your mind that becoming a web designer takes hard work and dedication. 

You don’t have to go to some fancy school or pay for a very expensive course to become a good web designer. Presently, there are a lot of self-taught web designers who are doing great and making a lot of money. 

In this article, we are going to be looking at the basic steps you should take to become a web designer. 

Know Your Game

The job of a web designer is basically to create the visual elements of a website. You have to first learn a thing or two about the fundamentals of design and how to use popular software to design. At first, you may not be familiar with the working principles of the various design software's that are available. But with continuous study and hard work you will become better. 

Walk On The Right Path 

Your goal is definitely not to become a mediocre web designer. You likely want to become a professional or an expert designer. In order for you to become a master, you are going to need experience. In the beginning, your goal should be to learn the basics. After that, your focus should then be on creating a portfolio that will help your client see that you know what you are doing . Having a strong online presence is going to make things easier for you. 

Before you start taking jobs from clients, you need to hone your skills. And an excellent way you can do this is by designing your own website. 

Become a Player 

After you have mastered the basics and you have your own website. It is now time for you create your own gig and start working for other. At this point, you will have to decide if you want to be work in an agency, in a study or as a freelancer. 

Be aware of your skill level and market yourself. Your focus at first should not be on making money rather on gaining valuable experience. 

If you apply the tips in this article, you will become a top-notch web designer in no time.

A landing page is a specific page on a website wherein its goal is to answer a sole question for conversation purpose. It is made to only give answers to a specific topic question that is given just as a conversation. This page can commonly be found on a marketing website. 

As a landing page, what makes is good enough for viewers to view and put answers on the said page? There are many things that make up a good landing page. Here, are four of the most important.

Understandable and Brief Headlines

The Headline should be straight to the point and easy to read. It should have an impact on the visitor. It should have a specific point. Since this will be what the Viewers will first see it should be appealing to them for them to read more about the topic. It should catch the readers attention first that any other thing on the page.

Using Trust Indicators

In order to build trust on viewers, there should be testimonials or proofs that what you have put about the topic question is true and are facts. We know that when a person that we trust talks to us, we believe them. It’s because they have proved to us that they can be trusted. And so should be a landing page be. 

We develop trust between people by assuring them that what we tell is truly a fact. And on a landing page, it is important to give facts and proof-like press mention or guarantee seals to assure visitors that the information we are giving them is true.

Put Images and Videos

Putting Images on the headline and motivational videos can have a positive impact on the page. These things help people know more about the topic and give the idea on what to do on the page. Images and videos also stand as an attention catcher to the visitors. If you know how to manage these things well, these can help uplift the landing page’s popularity or views.

Buttons and Call to Action Should Standout and be Above the Fold

After reading, the viewers want to do something on the page. This is where the buttons and call to action step in. The visitors are interested in the topic that is why they want to do more. These things lead them to what they need to do. 

The color of the buttons should help them stand out. Call to action and buttons should be easily seen which is why it should be put above the fold. These make the experience of the visitors easier not letting them scroll down for more unnecessary things that should be done.

Different websites have different web designs of landing pages but mostly these four things are surely there. All these make up a good landing page. These things make the page interesting to the viewers. Hopefully, these will give you an idea on how to create your own landing page.

In the present times, a website is an essential tool for doing businesses. Web sites are used to sell online, spread information and for marketing. Web designers are given the responsibility to create a website with a good web design that will attract many visitors. Web design is a vital aspect of web creation and can make or break a company’s success.

A bad website is less efficient and usually gets few visitors, and people always has trouble navigating through the pages. Other characteristics that can make a website ineffective include complicated navigational structures, poor colors, lack of mobile compatibility, old content and lacks any social integration. Below are the five worst websites in 2016.

Lings Cars

This is a website that is focused on promoting and marketing the car leasing business. This is among the worst websites as it is distracting, confusing and looks like spam. has many blinks, strobe, flash, and pop that are overwhelming to the visitor. The website also has animated cartoons, flashing lights, and widgets that some weird surprises that are all shouting at the people.

Mednat is an Italian medical site which also uses the FrontPage. The website has a bad web design, with very long site pages which are unattractive. It also has a top menu that takes the visitor to either more pages on the site or other sites in a disorganized way. This website lacks uniformity as some of the links in this website are bolded while others are not, includes both centered and flush-left text and the tables have borders.

Mojo Yogurt

This is a flash-based website that cannot run on a mobile device. is used to find a yogurt shop but makes it hard for the users as it lacks a social integration phenomenon. It is characterized by unreadable menu tabs due to lack contrast, uneven centered text, different size and colors of text and long pages. Additionally, the website has horrible music and sound effects that are unpleasing.

Best Electronics

This website specializes in selling and replacing parts and accessories for game systems and computers. Best electronic has a long page with a lot of disorganized information. The website is too disorderly and confusing to the users. The text of the page is centered which it makes hard for users to read. Other characteristics include different colors for the texts and links, underlined regular text and different size of the text.

Tag Team Signs

Tag Team Signs is a company that deals with providing neon signs, banners, caps, vehicle graphics and metal signs for residents and businesses in the urban areas. It has a flash-based website which makes it hard to use on mobile devices. Flash is an outdated technology and has many limitations.

This is one of the worst websites of 2016 due to many unfriendly characteristics and features including lots of text that one cannot be able to copy/ paste, background music that plays automatically, and very slow loading with animated percentages that makes users abandon the site.

If you have a website, one of the things you should prioritize is your web design. A lot of web designers will tell their clients that creating websites is not just a service, but also it is an art. Anyone may throw up a site these days, yet will it deliver a clear message or look professional? It takes a skilled professional to make a website looks functional and polished.

It’s obvious that a good web design is important to succeed in a world driven by online marketing, yet it can’t be overstated. With the numerous websites online, it’s essential to make your website stand out. You have to remember that the attention span of almost all internet users is shorter than in the previous years. Research shows that whenever people look over the internet that if they cannot start searching for what they’re looking for within a few seconds, they’ll most likely get frustrated.

There are other reasons why website design is crucial and these include the following:

  • Good Websites Boost Customer Conversions

If your website is well-designed, you can guarantee that you will get more customer conversions. The main reason behind it is that good websites lead customers to what they are supposed to do without fluff or distraction. Regardless of your actions you want your clients to take when reaching your page, you may guide them to that action with web design elements. Just see to it that your website is easy to navigate and do not waste the time of your customers.

  • Responsive Web Design Can Help You Reach More Customers

More users do business using their mobile phones. If you consider a responsive web design, your business will surely have a new set of clients. You can gear your business towards those individuals who are not always using a computer. With the use of responsive website design, it allows you to get more sales and customers.

  • Websites Can Help You with Branding

If your website looks dull, expect that it’ll hurt your brand. Scamy-looking websites will drive your potential customers away. On contrary, a website with an elegant web design can help individuals connect with your branding. Simple but creative websites send the message that your brand is modern, service-based, and useful. Having user-friendly pages make potential clients more likely to trust you or reach out enough to contact you. Your website directly reflects branding, yet never let that scare you. But rather, know the potential it offers.

  • Functionality and Beauty

Artwork is beautiful, yet is it really functional? Websites may be both, which is why many people love them. Web design is a great combination of creative and logic thought. It is simple to forget how much you need and appreciate the best websites until you see a bad one. The practical aesthetics enable websites to turn an emotional appeal to solid action.


Web design must be one of your priorities when managing a website. Whether it is for your business or personal use, web design can make a vast difference in getting more visitors.

Creating an outstanding website is never an easy task. In all honesty it can often take many months and sometimes even years for a new web designer to create such a thing. But even the most advanced web designer of all started at the same place. Once they were a newbie too. And only by learning what was involved and keeping up to date with changing technologies were they able to achieve their position.

In getting started we will look at all the components that make up a successful website. Not only one that looks great, but also operates even better. You see website design comprises of 2 exclusive major parts. The Visually part that a user sees when they land on your website itself, and all the other stuff that operates behind the scenes.

Visual Web Design


A websites layout is one the first things people think about when we talk about web design, and rightfully so. A good layout can be the difference between someone landing on your page and staying around a while, or arriving and instantly leaving.

An overcrowded layout is often a reason for a high bounce rate which causes people to jump off a website suddenly. Good spacing between sections, headings, paragraphs and images allow the user to visually scan the site quickly and identity aht is where. 

Fonts / Typography

There are countless font choices that are broken down into sans and serif. Serif fonts, while appearing more decorative in design are considerably easier to read. This is the fonts you will most commonly find in newspapers and books. However sans text font seems to be the font of choice when it comes to websites. I personally think it holds a clearer typeface that looks more modern and less script-like. 

Either way once you decide on choosing either sans or serif there are countless of styles for each of these font families. To help your decide, consider the type of message of your website. Is is professional, comical, entertaining, etc. Even at first glance a font can set the mood of a website with it's styling, so match well to achieve a smooth flowing web design to complement the rest of your website's design components.

Images & Video

If an image tells a thousand words, how many words does a video tell? 

The use of images and videos is a must in web design and creating where images or videos may appear on your site pages helps a lot in determining your site layout. As long as you maintain adequate spacing and ensure the images / videos suit the content this will help immensely.

Behind The Scenes Web Design


A website's software is not something that the user may ever know about, unless it is spoken about on the website itself. But the software is essentially the nuts and bolts of the website itself. It is the structure that produces the code that makes the website look the way it does.

Over the years there have been many website software options and the ones that continually stay at the top of the list are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. Sure there are literally countless other options too but these content management systems have plenty of options and are frequently updated. Collectively they power a huge percentage of all of the worlds websites. 

The software of a website includes the CMS, the theme and plugins or extensions.


Once you have all the software chosen for your website you need to host it somewhere. There are thousands of website hosts around the world to choose from. But be weary of the cheaper or "free" options. In this industry it is normally the case of "you get what you pay for". Sure I have found some cheaper hosting providers that do an ok job, but I have lost count of how many times a low cost hosting provider "lost" my website due to an error on their server. Recovery? Well if you have backups then you can recover quickly, otherwise start building from scratch! Yikes..


While website speed is not something that can be chosen the same way as the software or hosting provider, you can take different steps to speed up your website. Funnily enough choosing a website software that is built for speed and a fast web host make a considerable difference in helping your site to run faster, and often these options cost more. You can also look into Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to speed up your site. This option essentially holds copies of your website at different servers across the world so you are not relying only on your hosting server to fetch your website from. Again going down this path can be expensive as it is charged on a monthly bases, however if your website generates a lot of traffic it may be worth the investment. 


Finally we will take a look at search engine optimisation. This is the behind the scenes work that gets a website ranking high in Google and the other search engines. SEO is responsible for getting more visibility for your website so that it can be found by new customers. Again this is another investment that does not necessarily change the Visual aspects of web design, although onsite-SEO does, but doing the offsite-SEO is vital to generating more visitors to your website.

Well that about wraps it up for the basic overview of the components that are involved in web design. Only by taking your time with all of these aspects and allocating the time and resources necessary for each can you truly create an outstanding website.