With so much competition today in both the online and offline world you need quality marketing to STAND OUT.

We all know the story of the guy who has the best idea in the world that for a product that would revolutionise the way we live. He created his product at a low cost and would sell it for a high margin. All his research showed that there was a strong market for his product so he was on a winner, right? Well the poor guy forgot to do one thing. Market it correctly. 

Without a strategic marketing plan you can kiss all your sales goodbye. There is just so much noise in the market place that you need to stand out to stand any competitive chance. Your business survival depends on it. After all, with no sales coming in any business will eventually run out of money to support itself and will go bankrupt. 

Want some inspirational creative marketing ideas? Check out this short video:

Hopefully you got some ideas pop into your head for your business?

While this video shows us creative ideas for real world marketing, you can achieve similar creative concepts with digital marketing too.

For example, the team over at SEO Sydney Solutions are using online marketing services to transform their clients businesses. They do this by getting to know each client from a strategic perspective and really understand who their customers are, where they spend time online and what interests them. Thus allowing them to create uniquely appropriate strategies that will gel perfectly with their clientele.

Coming up with a creative marketing strategy is all about targeting your audience and connecting with them in a way that makes sense to them, but has been not been tried before. Of course creative ideas are not always easy to come up with however an experienced team and those who are willing to follow trends and take calculated risks always helps.

The best thing with online marketing is that you have greater control over your tracking techniques to really understand what marketing strategies are working and what are not. As with paid advertising it is quick to shut down ineffective campaigns if they are on pay per click, however media buys that are pay up front will need time to run their course. 

Ideally you will want to test small with a new online marketing strategy and once refined expand out across other traffic sources. However with the truly stand out creative ideas like those in the videos, you may only get one shot before someones sees what you are testing and takes it to market first. In those cases you need to follow your instinct and just go for gold!